Turkish Foreign Policy in the Axis of the Arab-Israel Conflict Since 1960


The Middle East, where civilization and heavenly religions emerged and attracted the attention of the whole world with its geopolitical location and wealth, has always been open to exploitation due to these features. The struggle of the regional states and imperialist powers for their political and economic interest caused the Middle East to be unstable.With the establishment of Israel in 1948, the balances in the Middle East began to change and the 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 wars were experienced between the Arab states and Israel. The dispute between these states has continued until today, although not in the form of one-on-one conflict after 1973. Turkey cannot remain unaware of the developments in the Middle East, has been pro-peace in the conflict between Israel and the Arab states sought to balance policy. However, changes in Turkish foreign policy caused attitude changes from time to time during the Arab-Israel Wars. Although, neutrality was declared, Turkey mostly followed a policy supporting the Arab states. The desired level could not be reached in Turkish-Arab relations. Turkey, stood by the Arab states in all international platforms, has defended the rights of the Palestinian cause.
Keywords: Foreign Policy, Arab Israel Conflicts, Arab States, Turkey, Israel


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