The Role of Religious Discourse and Lobies in US Foreign Policy

Muzaffer Ercan YILMAZ

Although the US foreign policy has been subject to detailed analyses, the role of religion in the formation of the US foreign policy has rarely been studied. The purpose of this study is to contribute to filling this gap by discussing the connection between religion and the US foreign policy. As for methodology, the study relies on the discourse analysis of US leaders and utilizes other relevant data. The study starts with a brief historical background with respect to the interactions between religion and the state. Then, Evangelism and its impacts on the US foreign policy are discussed in detail. This is followed by a discussion on the effects of religious lobbies, especially the Jewish lobby that tends to shape the US foreign policy to a certain extent. The study reaches the conclusion that religion does have an effect on the formation of the US foreign policy but in the final analysis.
Keywords: Religion and US Foreign Policy, US Foreign Policy, Evangelism, Right-Wing Christianity, Religious Lobbies, Lobbies and US Foreign Policy.


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