Freedom of Expression and Limits in the European Convention on Human Rights

Levent Ersin ORALLI

Freedom of expression is like an umbrella that encompasses many other areas of freedom. Numerous derivative areas of freedom, such as obtaining information, sharing information, organizing and holding meetings, play pioneering roles in the development of democratic rule of law states. However, freedom of expression should not be interpreted as an absolute freedom domain; it is natural for democratic countries to have borders as well as freedom of expression. These borders are defined in national and international legislation, as well as shaped by the decisions of judicial bodies. In our study, we will evaluate the scope of freedom of expression, its limits and the framework of interventions in the field of freedom. In this context, the regulations in the European Convention on Human Rights and the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights will be taken into consideration.
Keywords: Freedom of expression, European Convention on Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights, Limits of Limitation, Legitimate Purpose Criterion.



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