Ayşe Şebnem Tunç – Refugee Behaviour and Its Social Effects: An Assessment of Syrians in Turkey


The main purpose of this paper is to compare refugee behavior having a universal
nature with the behavior of Syrians who seek asylum in Turkey and to compare
the immigration behavior with the Turkish society behavior, whereby to evaluate
whether the Syrians behaviours are universal or not in the Syrian refugee crisis. The
study is based on the results of field research doing to determine of the behaviors
of the society having experiences about migration and immigration. As a result of
the study, it is accepted that the migration behavior of these expectations between
the Syrians who migrated to Turkey and the Turkish community has the universal
nature of perception and concerns. In addition, with social acceptance, supportive
policies and social harmonization processes are important for the effects of Syrians
in Turkey to evaluate an analytical eye, to determine the results of the SWOT analysis
made in order to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the refugee crisis and
the opportunities and threats of simultaneous. Education has been determined to
take into account of the expectations of both communities and it does not create
social anxiety. The proposal is to start with teaching Turkish language in the process
of social harmonization.

Keywords: Migratition, Refugee Behavior, Syrian Refugee Crisis, the Effects of
Syrian Refugee Crisis


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