Bekir Parlak & Ali Utku Şahin – Analysis of Turkey’s Legislation on Asylum and Immigration in Terms of Geographical Restriction Application


After the effects of grassroots movements which are called the Arab Spring and had
caused fundamental changes in North African and Middle Eastern politics in the last
five years over Syria, Turkey’s southern neighbour in 2011, 2 million (approximate
number between 2011 – 2015) Syrians fleeing from war has already found asylum
in Turkey. This influx, which is one of the largest mass influx waves faced by Turkey
in recent years, had took attention to the Turkey’s asylum and immigration policy,
the development of this policy with respect to the European Union integration
process and the nearly 60 year-old “geographical limitation” implementation. Main
purpose of this study is to assess the newly developed regulations of Turkey in the
field of asylum and immigration with the point of geographical limitation and with
the justifications that Turkey has put forward in this regard, the current situation
are considered comparatively.

Keywords: Geographical Limitation, Refugee, Asylum Seekers, Conditional
Refugees, Asylum and Immigration, Law on Foreigners and International Protection



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