A Review on the Contribution of an Individual’s Social Capital to Career Success


With this study, the contribution of the social capital of the individual to his career success was examined and evaluated in the context of the relevant literature. In this context, primarily, the concepts of social capital and career success were clarified, and then this relationship was tried to be revealed through the findings obtained as a result of the studies on the subjects in the relevant literature. As a result of the literature review, it has been seen that the social capital of the individual is very effective in the career success of the individual and it provides many advantages and contributions to the individual in business. It is clear that social capital, which is a structure based on social networks and relationships, provides a bridge to the career success of the individual by contributing to the ease of finding a job, facilitating the exchange of resources and strengthening relationships. Through the individual’s investments in their relationships, he/she is able to create opportunities for himself to access different information and innovations by contacting more people or groups. Thus, it is clear that social capital will contribute to the careers of individuals in many aspects. It is thought that the present study will provide theoretical support to the relevant literature.
Keywords: Social Capital, Career Success, Objective Career Success, Subjective Career Success, Literature Review.


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