First World War East (Caucasus) Front, Russian Advanced Operation (1916-1917)


At the end of the Sarıkamış Battles, the Russian army did not spend the winter at rest and continued its offensive again in January 1916. In this context, with the 2. Battles of Torment forced the Turkish forces to retreat to the Erzurum Höyükler line. Convincing the General Staff, Yudeniç attacked the prepared positions in Erzurum in February. As a result of the ongoing attacks of the Russian troops from the east and north, the Russians invaded Erzurum on 16 February 1916. A Kazakh company belonging to the 1st Caucasian corps entered Erzurum. As the Russian Corps entered through the Kars gate, Turkish troops were leaving the Trabzon gate. Abdülkerim Pasha, aftershock commander was appointed and as a result of this, ammunition and buildings were set on fire to prevent them from falling into their hands. Thus, the first phase of the Russian forward operation was successfully completed. Later, the Turkish Army Kop made a violent defense for four months in the Coruh Wars. With this defense, important time was gained for the transfer of the 2nd Army to the East. However, the Russian forces continued their offensive with great reinforcements and the Russians occupied Bayburt and Erzincan despite the great sacrifices of the Ottoman army. With the Russian Revolution of 1917, it provided an important advantage for the Ottoman Army to take these places back.
Keywords: First World War, The East Front, The Caucasus Front, Turkish Fronts, Erzurum


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