This Gorgeous Bag is Just a Click Away! The Influence of Impulse and Hedonic Buying Tendencies on Online Compulsive Buying


With the widespread use of the Internet, consumers began to shop online instead of traditional channels. Hence, compulsive buying becomes a more problematic behavior in this online milieu because online shopping offered compulsive consumers a very convenient environment in which whenever and whatever they want to buy. Although it is becoming an increasingly important issue, there is gap in the literature on compulsive buying online. The main purpose of this research is to determine whether impulse buying and hedonistic buying are among the explanatory factors of online compulsive buying under the thumb of the new age technologic, economic and social trends. This is causal research which employed a multiple regression model. A research company performed an online survey over two weeks and 601 surveys were accepted. The results of the research revealed that impulse and hedonic buying have explanatory power for online compulsive buying behavior. However, the role of impulse buying dimensions is more powerful than the role of hedonic buying dimensions on online compulsive buying. Managerial and other implications of the results are presented.
Keywords: Online Compulsive Buying, Impulse Buying, Hedonic Buying.


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