Peer Review Policies

Only those manuscripts approved by its every individual author and that were not published before in or sent to another journal, are accepted for evaluation.

Submitted studies are scanned for plagiarism using the iThenticate software after preliminary review by the journal editors in terms of form and content. After plagiarism control, eligible articles are evaluated by the editor-in-chief for originality, method, the importance of the subject covered, and compatibility with the scope of the journal. Selected articles are sent to at least two national/international referees for evaluation by double-blind refereeing. Studies by the chief editor in line with the reports from the referees;

  • It can be published after the points specified in the referee reports are corrected,
  • Matters specified in the referee reports can be re-evaluated after they are arranged,


  • It is evaluated as not published.

The editor-in-chief informs the authors of the outcomes of this evaluation.

Referees are not charged for their assessments.

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