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Referee Guideline

The articles submitted to TESAM Academy Journal must not have been, or accepted to be, published before and must not be in the review process for publication in another journal.

Articles submitted for publication are object to pre-review for in terms of content and design is completed by journal editorial.

After editorial review, articles are sent to two referees who are all experts in the related field. In case of dispute, the third referee is being asked for his opinion.

In the direction of recitals come from referees, studies are indicated as following;

  • Can be published after the correction of issues stated in the referee reports.
  • Can be evaluated after the correction of issues stated in the referee reports.


  • Cannot be published and these results reported to the author.

No fee is charged to the referees for their evaluations.

Referee Evaluate Criteria (Quantitative)


  • Does the title reflect the content?
  • Is there unnecessary terms or idioms in the title?

Summary and Abstract

  • Does the summary clearly demonstrate the problem/thesis of the work?
  • Do the key words reflect the subject, scope and content of work appropriately and sufficiently?
  • Are the main findings indicated, and are the comments related to the main findings summarised?
  • Does the Abstract reflect the Turkish summary?


  • Is the problem set out in clear and understandable way?
  • Are problem-related theoretical knowledge and researches set out adequately?
  • Is problem-related literature examined critically? (contrasts, gaps, inconsistencies, procedural deficiencies)
  • Are the justifications of the work emphasized for indicating a gap in the related literature?
  • Is the purpose of the research reported in a clear and understandable way?
  • Is it the theoretical framework of the study expressed?

Literature review

  • Is the literature review adequate?
  • Are the related resources brought together?
  • Are the essential comparisons related to resources have been done?
  • Does the literature review follow a line from general to specific?
  • At the end of the literature review, does the need of research take place?
  • Does the literature review provide a basis to aim of the research and its questions?


  • Is it mentioned the contribution of the research theoretically and practically to the field?
  • Are the suggestions essential offered for solution?

Fundamental Principles (Providing original and new contribution is also a fundamental publishing criteria as well as competency of work in terms of methodology)

  • Does it provide an original contribution to the content in the study?
  • Is there a specific thesis of this study?
  • Is it argumentation consistent that is put forward for this thesis?
  • Is the message desired to be given in the study reached in a clear and understandable way?
  • Is it up to date in scientific terms?
  • Does this study provide a practical contribution that would help the experts, politicians and practitioners?
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