Aim and Scope


The primary objectives of The TESAM Academy Refereed Journal, are to provide the aforementioned perspectives while also laying the academic foundation for future research on the topics it publishes. Additionally, it is to contribute to the literature in the social sciences both domestically and internationally by publishing the viewpoints of authors on those subjects. In particular, it is to develop and provide answers to the political, economic, environmental, and sociocultural issues facing the Republic of Turkey.

With its permanence without compromising on quality and reliability, TESAM Academy Journal asserts to be one of the top academic journals. It aspires to have a framework that appeals to the domestic and global audience, offers fresh perspectives and advancements, and can serve as a resource for decision-makers and professionals and become widespread.


TESAM Academy Refereed Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that is published bi-annually (January and July) and develops unique and original research in the areas of domestic-foreign policy and security, economy, law, education, and social and social sciences.

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