Meşdi İsmayilov – Cultural Trauma and “Genocide” Rhetoric as an İmagination


Alleged “genocide” claims, backed by the leadership of Armenian Diaspora and government,
have recently become an increasingly significant rhetoric in international
public opinion. Such claims constitutes a major determinant of history and ethnic
identity nexus on one hand, while on the other hand serve as an effective propaganda
in global politics.
This study provides an analysis of “genocide” discourse thereby shedding light on
its sociological background. Grand narratives about common memory and collective
identity impose a social importance and meaning to events at representation
phase. In this context, the study implies that the rhetoric of “genocide” is a product of
reflection of the traumatic effects supposedly experienced by Armenian community
during “1915 events”. It is encouraged to conduct more studies on determination of
socio-cultural impacts forming collective perceptions about the rhetoric concerned.
Scientific approach on the subject of the study is based on the concept of “cultural
Keywords: Cultural Trauma, Rhetoric, National Identity, Carrier Groups, Representation
– Meaning Work Relationship.

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