Sense of Nationalism: Comparative Analysis of Turkey and Iran Examples (1999-2004)

Hamza ATEŞ
A. Muhammet BANAZILI

The aim of this research is to examine the sense of nationalism fed by citizens in different countries. For this reason, the countries of Turkey and Iran, which have interacted with each other in the historical process have been selected. In this context “what are the similarities and differences between the factors affecting the sense of nationalism in Turkey and Iran, which are socially and culturally influenced by each other?” an attempt was made to find an answer to the question. The research was prepared by making use of the data of the World Values Survey (Dünya Değerler Anketi) conducted between 1999 and 2004 to measure the sense of nationalism in Turkey and Iran. So, national and international literature research on the theoretical part was also resigned from qualitative research, and an answer to the research question was tried to be sought by applying a mixed method. In this context, two sets of variables were used in the research. While the sense of Nationalism constituted the dependent variable of the research; age, gender, social class and education level constitute the independent variables of the study. As a result of the analysis of the findings by the researchers through the SPSS Statistics 22.0 program it was determined that independent variables were effective in the sense of nationalism in Turkey and Iran.
Keywords: Nation, Nationalism, Proud of Nationalism, Turkey, Iran.


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