Nurdan Akıner & Ayhan Küngerü – Israel’s 2014 Gaza Attack in International Media Discourse: A Comparative Anlysis on CNN and Al Jazeera


In this article, Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2014 was analyzed in the context of international media’s approach to the incident. CNN and Al Jazeera’s related news on the issue from the beginning of the conflict to the end has been included. In this study, questions were searched for an answer how international media approached to the issue, whether there are any discursive differences between these two channel’s news. In this context, headlines, spots and texts of the news in question have been studied and analyzed by making use of Teun Van Dijk’s critical discourse analysis approach. As a result of the analysis, it has been come to the conclusion that there have been significant discursive differences between the news of the CNN and in case of international media’s approach to the conflict, the criteria of “objectivity”, “justice”, “equality” should be reconsidered.


Keywords: CNN, Al Jazeera, International Media, Critical Discourse Analysis.


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