Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Journal of TESAM Academy a scientific journal?

TESAM Academy Journal is a refereed journal that consists of scientific and original articles.

By which institution is TESAM Academy Journal published?

TESAM Academy Journal is published by Turkey Economic, Political and Strategic Studies Center (TESAM)

How often is TESAM Academy Journal published ?

The first issue of TESAM Academy journal has been published in January 2014, it continues to be issued twice a year in January and July.

What kind of articles are published in the Journal of the TESAM Academy? Who can submit articles?

Journal of Tesam Academy consists of the original scientific articles that cover Social Sciences, writings of accumulation and book reviews, the writings of professors, lecturers, doctoral students and experts are given place in our journal.

About which disciplines does TESAM Academy Journal publish articles and writings?

Journal of TESAM Academy gives place to scientific writings in Social Sciences: disciplines such as International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration, Law, Economics, Management and so on.

How to get published an article in the Journal of TESAM Academy?

You should send your article to tesamakademi@gmail.com e-mail address for being started the evaluaiton proces, and then for getting published if approved.

How can we achieve the Journal of the TESAM Academy ? Is there any fees to read the Journal?

Journal of TESAM Academy is a free journal. You can reach current and previous issues of our journals in pdf format from www.hakemlidergi.tesam.org.tr or http://dergipark.ulakbim.gov.tr/tesamakademi/ website. If a person requests the printed copy of the journal via an e-mail, it will be sent to you by courier.

Do you have a specific standard for the articles that will be published in the Journal of TESAM Academy?

APA 6.0 standards are used for citations in the Journal of TESAM Academy. You can also find a detailed examination of the rules for publication in https://hakemlidergi.tesam.org.tr/yayinilkeleri web address.

What type of evaluation process is conducted when an article is wanted to get published in the Journal of the TESAM Academy?

When an article is sent for getting published in the journal of TESAM Academy, first of all a preliminary examination is made by the editorial staff and board before the start of the arbitration process. At the process of the preliminary examination, the article’s compliance with the rules of publication and ethics of scientific publishing writings are examined. If there is any request for correction, it is transmitted to the author. The author is expected to make the necessary corrections and then send the article again to us.

After we reach an edited version of the article, it will be sent to the expert referees according to their fields. A double-blind refereeing system is applied in our journal and the referees do not know which article they arbitrate until the arbitration process ends and the article is published. If the article is rejected, referees can’t learn who the author was. Likewise, authors can’t learn which referee arbitrated their articles. As long as the referees’ comments start to be reached, we start to transmit the reports to the authors.

There are
 three possibilities in the reports of the referee 

1. Approval: If two referees give a report for publication of the article, the author is not expected to make any corrections and approval is given by the editors for the publication of the article. It is included in the articles will be published.

2. Correction: If there is a request for correction from the referees, we transmit the points of correction to the authors and the authors are expected to make the corrections. The corrected version of the article is sent to the referees again and the referees give the final decision as rejection or approval at the end of this process.

3. Rejection: It is the situation that the refuree gives refusal for publishing the article. The article can not be published if the refusal comes from the article’s two referees assigned. But if one of two arbitrators gives refusal and the other one gives approval decision, a third referee is appointed for that article. The third arbitrator’s decision is considered as the final decision.

Do you have a publication ethics policy for the works that are sent to TESAM Academy Jornal?

In TESAM Academy Journal, “COUNCIL OF HIGHER EDUCATION RESEARCH AND PUBLICATION ETHICS DIRECTIVE” which is published by the Council of Higher Education is considered as the basic ethical rules. You can reach “ETHICAL DIRECTIVE of COUNCIL OF HIGHER EDUCATION” from http://www.yok.gov.tr/web/guest/icerik/-/journal_content/56INSTANCE_rEHF8BIsfYRx /10279/18187 website.

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