Submission Checklist

Make sure nothing is missing from the following:

Letter to the editor

  • Type of article
  • Information that the article has not yet been submitted to another journal
  • Relationship with the sponsor or a commercial company (if any)
  • Sources specified in accordance with APA-6
  • Checking grammar and spelling in English
  • Copyright Agreement Form reviewing journal policies detailed in the Information to Authors

If the previously printed material (text-picture-table) is used, the permission certificate should be included.

Article cover page

  • Category of the article
  • Turkish and English title of the article
  • Names, surnames, titles, and affiliations of the authors (city and country information should be included after the university and faculty information), e-mail addresses
  • Corresponding author’s e-mail address, open correspondence address, business phone, GSM, fax number
  • ORCIDs of all authors

The main text of the article

  • Turkish and English title of the article
  • Abstracts 180-200 words in Turkish and 180-200 words in English
  • Keywords: 3-5 in Turkish and 3-5 in English
  • If the article is in Turkish, the Extended Abstract in English should be 750-1000 words
  • The main text sections of the article
  • Acknowledgments (if any)
  • Resources
  • Tables-Pictures, Figures (with title, description, and subtitles)
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