Uluç Gürkan – Malta Trial and Its Importance


There aren’t any national or international court decisions about the fact that the
events of 1915 are genocide. On the contrary, there is an international judicial
decision which invalidates the genocide claims and it is in our hands.
British arrested more than a hundred Ottoman authority for the allegation that they
massacred the Armenians collectively and it was taken to the forensic investigation
in Island of Malta. British Royal Prosecutor in London which is the uppermost
criminal investigation agency has conducted the investigation. Although The British
Government made great efforts the imprisoned Turkish in Malta to be judged and
punished, Royal Prosecutor concluded the investigation with nolle. It adjudged not
to prosecute with the justification that an acceptable slaughter proof couldn’t be
found by a British law court.
The judgment of Malta is an important page of our history. It has got legal and
historical results frustrating Armenian genocide allegations with all aspects. But it
is a page that we forgot, was made to forget.
Keywords: Armenian Issue, England, The judgment of Malta, the International
Genocide Law.


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