Ulvi Keser – Armenian Community in Cyprus at a Glance: 1915-1963


Subsequent to Armenian Relocation that has appeared during WWI and has had
the reflections even today, a good many Armenians living in Anatolia start leaving
Anatolia and some move to the island named Cyprus in the midst of Mediterranean.
The Armenian adventure on the island, starting in 1914 will continue up to 1964,
and will last about 50 years in which the Bloody Christmas has come to the surface
in the light of Akritas Plan aiming to murder all the Turkish Cypriots and making the
island Hellenic. Armenians living on the island in peace and harmony together with
Turkish Cypriots up to 1964 firstly start to migrate to the southern Cyprus and then
abroad. This scientific study will focus on Armenian relations on the island regarding
to a good variety of the characteristics of the social life. A good many Armenians
starting with the one giving his name to Lokmacı Barikatı/Lokmacı Barrier to the
one bringing kar hoşafı/ice soap to the island have lived in Cyprus as the beauty
and the color of the social life, but unfortunately they couldn’t have endured EOKA
atrocities in Cyprus and left all their memories, past, Turkish friends and all their
belongings back and escaped from the island. This scientific study will get prepared
so as to enlighten the 50-year period of Armenian life in Cyprus.
Key Words: Cyprus, Armenian, Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, EOKA


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