Publication Standarts

The publishing policy and scientific criteria of this Journal are being identified by independent editors and editorial board.

Original researches in the fields of social sciences, , political science and public administration, foreign policy, law, economy are published in the journal.

Articles sent to the journal should be not published elsewhere or submitted for publication. When articles are accepted for publication, Tesam Academy Journal is going to have all broadcasting rights

Our Authors submitting their articles to the journal, must report their appellation, institutions where they work, communication addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Articles which will be given to the journal, will be sent to the referee after checked by the Editorial Board. According to reports sent by referee , it will be decided whether or not the article will be published or corrected as per the report or refused. And the author will be informed about the decision.In case of any objection of the author to the report,the article can be sent to a new referee. Unpublished articles won’t be sent back to the author.

If the correction is requested from the author, the correction should be made at the latest within 15 days, should be sent to the Editorial Board.

Tesam Academy Journal’s written language is Turkish and English. Besides articles, abstracts in Turkish and English consisting of approximately 150 words should be sent by being appended to the end of the article. Likewise, the article’s title both in Turkish and English should be added the text, as well as between five and eight key words in Turkish and English also need to be specified. The abstract of the article shoulnd’t exceed 750 words and it should be placed after the bibliography. The abstract should be written in English in Turkish articles, but if the article is written in English, this section should be written in Turkish.

For in text citations and references section, APA style (Publication manuel of the American Psycological Assosiation [6th edition] published by the American Psycological Assosiation) must be used. (For having a look to examples visit this website: The articles which aren’t in accordance with these rules are sent back.

It is going to be accepted that articles submitted to the Tesam Academy Journal have been checked in terms of the spelling and the author have edited the final version of the article which the writer has sent address. After delivery of the text , it won’t be sent to the author again for print corrections . Therefore, if spelling mistakes are much more than usual ,the writing is refused.

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