Yıldız Deveci Bozkuş – The Events of 1915 in Armenian History Textbooks


In this study, how the events of 1915 have been approached in the books being
taught as history textbooks in primary schools in Republic of Armenia is going to be
evaluated. In this context, firstly, especially 8th and 11th grade’s history textbooks
are going to be provided from the textbooks being taught by the current Ministry of
Education in Armenia. In this study, the textbooks of the 8th and 11th grade were
chosen because the issues of 1915 have been placed more in these textbooks than
others. Later, It is going to be focused on from which perspective the said data have
been dealt with in these textbooks. .How the events of 1915 are explained to the
children in primary school in Armenia and what an influence this presentation has
had on the perception of Turks and Armenians each other are going to be evaluated
starting from the taken data.
Keywords: Turkish, Armenian, the Events of 1915, Genocide, Relocation and


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