Impact Of Social Change In Turkey On Political Participation

Turkey comes forward as a country which has experienced different social
processes.Weight of internal migration and urbanization facts is felt on the social
processes in Turkey like being in many countries of the world. Internal migration and
urbanization have an important role in the process of social change. These two factors
has a decisive function on the changing,shaping and transformation of the social
structure. These two elements have been seen intensely since the early days of the
Republic. This change has also been demonstrated itself in the political party
preferences and the elections.
Aspect of the vote is as important as voting itself. Being investigated of political
participation and individual-politics relations is also closely linked with the factors
under lying social change. Party leader seems to have a limited significance in the choice
of political parties. Again, it is understood that sympathizing ideologically to a party is an
important criterion. Pluralism, transparency, democracy being functional on the
participation base and civil society organizations are fields through which people
Express themselves. Civil society developing on the basis of urbanization and civilization
includes unity of urban culture and differences. Civil society organizations have an
important role in the process of political participation, too. These and many factors like
these bring about occurence of differences in the processes of political participation.
In this study, the processes of social change have been explained by being started from
the date of 1923. However, the effect of them on the political participation has been
Keywords: Social change, Political Participation, Democracy, Election


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